The Center for Catalysis, or CCAT, at Iowa State University is dedicated to the development of useful, practical catalysts and sustainable green chemistry methods. Our scientists investigate the application of catalysis and green chemistry methods to agricultural, industrial and environmental science.

CCAT is part of ISU's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. It draws on researchers and staff of the U.S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory and faculty and scientists at Iowa State University.


  • Connects an interdisciplinary group of scientist and engineers to develop fundamental chemical science of new catalysts and new catalytic materials and their application to challenges facing Iowa and U.S. industries
  • Creates customized catalysts for important processes and fundamental innovative science
  • Focuses on catalyst design and chemical optimization of homogeneous, heterogeneous and interfacial catalysts 
  • Works with Iowa companies to meet their catalysis needs


2019 Midwest Retreat for Diversity in Chemistry (MWRDC) is July 19-21, 2019 - register by June 24.
Javier Vela's Research Group Develops Perovskite Materials through Soft Chemistry
Dr. Huang's Collaborative Research is Discovering Big Changes
Wenyu Huang and his research group created, studied and described the multi-layered spheres used to investigate catalytic reactions in nanoconfinement
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