Igor Slowing

Scientist I [A LAB]
Dept:Ames Laboratory Of US DOE
Office:25 Spedding
2416 Pammel Dr.
Ames IA

"We investigate the synthesis and multifunctionalization of nanostructured materials with the purpose of building smart heterogeneous catalysts. Each functional component in these nanostructures is designed for a specific task that will ultimately assist and maximize the activity of supported catalysts. Some of the tasks achievable through multifunctionalization include binding and pre-organizing reactants through non-covalent interactions, stabilizing transition states through cooperative interactions and creating local environments to tune the activity and selectivity of the catalytic sites. The concept of multitasking is not limited to the synergistic action of multiple components to control reactivity, but also includes the simultaneous assembly of multiple catalysts within a single support to allow for tandem catalysis, or the combination of selective adsorbents along with catalysts to create single pot refinery units that will ultimately save energy, solvents and time in the processing of complex biorenewable feedstocks to give fuels and chemical commodities."

Peer-Reviewed Articles (69)