Robbyn Anand

Assistant Professor [CHEM]
Office:2101c Hach
2438 Pammel Dr.
Ames IA

Research in the Anand group addresses critical needs in human health and advances sustainable energy technologies. Currently, the group is developing analytical methods and microscale devices to:

(1) Capture rare cell types to understand their role in cancer progression

(2) Analyze cells individually or in clusters to understand mechanisms of drug resistance and invasion in cancer

(3) Enrich and remove waste components from dialysate fluid to improve treatment modalities available to patients with kidney disease

(4) Focus inflammatory markers in tear fluid for diagnosis of autoimmune disease

(5) Extract detailed electrochemical information from many reactions in parallel, without the need for multiple potentiostats, for multiplexed sensing and for screening electrocatalysts.

The contributions that we make to these fields leverage our expertise in bioanalysis, electrochemistry, microfluidics, and electrokinetics.

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